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Comment: Before the window closes?

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Before the window closes?

1) Learn your identity
2) Record-Forming (in the USDC)
3) Redeeming Lawful Money (no nexus with the Fed)

Many people understand a little bit, and I can exemplify that condition of life in current reality.

A few things that aught to be understood:

Life is good
Life is competitive
Life is either better or worse as time goes by (competitive)

That to me is the basis of morality.

Life is good.

Unfortunately there are bad people who love to share their miserly as they operate on a different set of "values" which are obviously opposite a moral basis.

Life is bad (for you, good for me, at your expense)
Life is monopoly
Life is either better for me, bad for you, or worse for me, better for you (monopoly)

To me this Bonding/Redeeming in lawful money/Common Law TOPIC or topics are pieces that fit into my general understanding of political economy that is unique to me and separate or ancillary to this topic or these topics so defined as Bonding/Redeeming in Lawful Money/Common Law: all part of Moral Law/Life is good/Competition (better for our children compared to us, and better for us tomorrow compared to yesterday, and that means lower costs of living, and higher standards of living as time goes by, and that means to gain those gains without gaining those gains at someone else's expense - certainly not willfully, repeatedly, and criminally by way of deceit, threats of violence, and violence upon the innocent).

Lots of words.

I'm leading into a concept, please bear with me.

The current situation in life on Earth includes a window of opportunity that may or may not close whereby the moral people (as well as those who are willfully immoral) can connect to each other almost instantly and bypass any POWER of MONOPOLY that censors that capacity to readily connect, and transfer information, and then set about transferring things based upon that information.

So the term OPEN SOURCE arises from MONOPOLY in many ways that aught to be applicable to this current situation whereby there appears to be a battle going on.

Corporate Monopoly versus Open Source

Does that in any way look similar to this:

Admiralty Law versus Common Law

Union versus Non-Union

Death versus Liberty

Whatever, your viewpoint may be, connecting these words into a whole picture, it seem to me that there ought to be more of this:

1) Learn your identity
2) Record-Forming (in the USDC)
3) Redeeming Lawful Money (no nexus with the Fed)

A person undergoes a transformation from abject belief in falsehood with out question and begins to see a way to improve life without having to gain at the expense of some innocent victim. What to do next?

Why is there no Open Source Program available in direct competition with Union Admiralty Law Professors who offer their Monopoly "Services" to their targeted victims?

Why is there no Common Law Program available in direct competition with Union Admiralty Law Professors where a person seeking remedy FROM Union Admiralty Law Professors can go and see how Step by Step a Common Law Open Source individual accesses the Open Source information to avail themselves of these tried and true, step by step, methods, in a process, of remedy against having to, previously, obey without question all those onerous "laws" that somehow work, daily, to move POWER from the victims to those criminals who get that POWER, use that POWER, to steal more POWER?

I may have wandered off the beaten path (language based on lies) at the end of the last paragraph.

If there was such a well organized Open Source database for Common Law Remedy, emerging from the abyss, what would it look like, and what could it be used for, by people, to accomplish needful things?

A person logs on, does not need a password, does not need an account, perhaps, just opening a Web Page, then search for their particular problem, such as a desire to stop adding more "elastic" money to the already overgrown supply, or to avoid an IRS attack, or whatever the individual finds to be their individual need for Common Law remedy, and after typing in "IRS attacking me", or "Paycheck Redeem Bank", or whatever words work to load up a new Page with a list of things to read, that work to help advise an individual on which steps work in which order to arrive at the end point of remedy.

Does that make any sense to anyone but me?