Comment: If you are alone you are doing it wrong.

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If you are alone you are doing it wrong.

Lately (in the last year and a half) I have been amazed at he reception liberty has received by the people in my life. There are still people in the sand of course, but I'm very encouraged by the discussions I hear and have.

The closer I act to Ron Paul, the better I am received.
The closer I act to Alex Jones, the more I am repelled.

When you are wise and logical and calm, people understand.
When you sound like a crazy, emotional lunatic it makes people uncomfortable.

I stay away, for the most part, from unprovable conspiracy theories and stick to philosophy and, most importantly, the topics my audience finds interesting.

This will bother the Infowars hivemend, but it's the truth. I've been awake for about 4 years now (not as long as you old dog 1988 Ron Paul fans) but I have undeniably helped push the world around me towards liberty. I started out rough and abrasive, and I have become more polished. I'm not frustrated, I'm very encouraged.

**Also, people aren't good at homework. They don't like watching specific videos or reading books. You have to win them over first in conversation, make them intrigued, and hope the go look into it themselves. If they do they often come to the conclusion that they "thought that way all along." It doesn't matter. You just have to let your ego go and smile.