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Thank you for asking how I am. I am going crazy. I'm tired of resting, the bed is beginning to look like Psycho's mother's.

My eyes are every shade of the rainbow, and sore and tired, weeping and itching. It's all part of healing, which is going well because I can open my eyes and see clearly when they are not filled with medication. I sneak on here, and then put my medication on, gauze and ice.. which feels good.

Really frustrating to not be able to read for long as I feel like I'm missing everything going on. But I also feel recharged, (a caged tiger in my own flesh) that when the bruises fade and stitches have melted, I'll be a better tiger for freedom and liberty.

I can't wait to get to my committee meetings, educating my community, county and also.. Church. I'm not going to Church today because I don't want everyone wanting to see me without the sunglasses.. But I miss Church,, miss DP... miss my friends, like you ((((((((((((gibson))))))))))))))) <3