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You are...

neurotically obsessed with Alex Jones.

Alex Jones is just a guy with a radio show that presents mainstream news items and then gives his own interpretation and then adamantly and sometimes rudely encourages his listeners to not just trust him but to do their own research and go out and get to know their neighbors and talk to them and to start their own projects and get involved with local politics. And he wraps it all in over-the-top theatrical golden age of radio schtick and kitsch. People understand all this.

Alex is just a guy with a radio show. And since day one of Daily Paul there has always been a large percentage of members that listen to his show. And none of your protestations and demonizing will ever change that. All you will accomplish is isolating yourself and causing division. This should be obvious from the voting patterns on posts related to this topic.

You are not some valiant great white knight of gentle truth rescuing us from the Alex dragon of destruction. Alex is just a guy with a radio show and you are just a guy/gal ranting on a social blog.

Get a grip... :p

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