Comment: A blade is the #1 basic survival tool.

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A blade is the #1 basic survival tool.

Your blade can be used to make almost anything you need.

Some of these low prices look good but BEWARE IMITATIONS with lower quality steel and without the full length tang.

A great price competitor is the Buck 119. Very high quality, also available at Amazon. The 119 is long enough to be a very lethal weapon but short enough to wear comfortably.

Myself I carry the Buck 120 which sadly isn't in production at this time. She's a beauty. With a blade that long you have to thigh-tie it.

NEVER WEAR A NYLON SHEATHED LONG KNIFE, when you squat down it can slice right through the nylon, plunge into the back of your knee severing your femoral artery and you are bleeding out fast. That's a real scenario, it happens.

Be brave, be brave, the Myan pilot needs no aeroplane.