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Comment: "a large collection of bigots

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"a large collection of bigots

"a large collection of bigots (probably 1/2) Muslim". This is a false an prejudiced statement. So from your point of view Muslims are bigots.

France is a very secular country. There were lots of atheists, agnostics, Jews, Catholics, Protestants, actually Muslims were in the minority.

Not all collectivists movements are in itself bad per definition. War protests, MLK civil rights movements, and this movement are part of a conscious and liberty exercising movement.

When discussing you have to use truth and common sense. Your points could be valid and you could prove people wrong. However you are using false premises to discuss. For example:
a. Muslims are bigots. Not true.
b. You are assuming that this was a mostly Muslim march. Not true.
c. KKK marches are not covered. Please, this is a 1 MILLION people march. KKK would not gather more than 50 people. Besides, there were people of all colors in this march, it was truly multicultural.

Let's use more facts on discussions.