Comment: Noninterventionism is not equivalent to isolationism...

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Noninterventionism is not equivalent to isolationism...

I like the paragraph:

Many of Obama's top aides say “it is unclear whether the Mali insurgents, who include members of the group Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb, or AQIM, threaten the US.”
As to the question, “What threat do they pose to the US homeland? The answer so far has been none.”

Now, if they would just acknowledge the concept of blowback and make public statements to the effect of -

"We promise not to engage in offensive wars in your homeland, and we hope you will return the favor by not attempting attacks on ours. We realize that the American foreign policy of the past has - at the least - appeared imperialistic to outside observers. However, we ask that you please do not mistake our withdrawal with passiveness or weakness. America reserves the right to self-defense and will act accordingly if necessary through marques of reprisal in cases of small nebulous groups or with declarations of war against state sponsored violent acts inflicted on our homeland or property abroad."

We do not need to be involved in all of these external conflicts. I just hope these people are sincere. Trust is a difficult thing to gain - let alone regain once it has been compromised.