Comment: I own shotguns -- Buying a Hand-gun this year

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I own shotguns -- Buying a Hand-gun this year

If they take away my right (in the future) or limit my access to AR-15 type guns, but I get to keep my shot-gun and hand gun; I'm straight.

They can take away or limit my ability to own anti-air missiles, tank killers, high-end explosives, and nuclear munitions.

I just want the right to carry a gut buster -- that's it.

They can take away my right to own and carry hand grenades and pipe bombs too -- don't need 'em.

Once they get down to hand-guns and shot-guns then I'll take issue; but until then, I don't have a need to kill more than 3 or 4 people at a time.

There are more CRUCIAL "rights" we've lost -- the right to print competing currencies is one.

The right to opt-out of government spending is another -- these issues free you from the "oh my god they are coming for my guns 'side-show'"