Comment: Lead by Example not Imposed force

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Lead by Example not Imposed force

Imagine if someone was trying to convince you that the government was your best friend, that banks cared about your investments, that pharmaceuticals made you well, etc. etc. Won't happen, right?

YOU cannot change OTHERS' beliefs. That is THEIR work and their's alone... If they even want to change them. Some will NEVER change their current beliefs due to their own cognitive dissonance. They will justify their beliefs even if they are looking the Truth right in the face.

Just keep YOURSELF informed should things get ugly to the point where these "slumbering" people have no choice but to be faced with a change of belief. Then YOU will be the one sought out for clarity.

I gave up trying for ALL the same reasons you just stated. But you're in a better position because my wife has only "one eye open" but still rather comfortable in her "ignorant bliss". And you know what, I don't mind because I have her to sort of "escape" these realities when I want to.

We're all in this together and the one's closet to your life may not be ready for change, but people here on the DP are. So don't stress out about it. When it was discovered that the Earth was round, it took about 200 years for the world to accept it. Do not base your knowing of facts on the acceptance of said facts by others. Make better use of your time.

"We are not human beings having a spiritual experience; we are spiritual beings having a human experience"—Pierre Teilhard de Chardin