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Comment: I would argue that YOU only know half the truth.

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I would argue that YOU only know half the truth.

It's a complete myth that a free society wouldn't be happy or more problem free. And it's another form of control to spread that as truth.

You based your statement on prosperity being a zero sum game but it's not. Technology has increased productivity overall by many multiples and that should have been dispersed somewhat evenly among all classes but the banks / TPTB / elites / whatever have taken control of it to the point that it all flows to them.

If we took back the prosperity that has come from all the productivity increases given to current civilization, the average person world-wide wouldn't have to work as much as the most lazy groups do now.

Just ask yourself what actual 'things or services' you would need from another human being (NOT counting machines) to be happy. The average of that question for all the people everywhere is the average of what work it would take from you.