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I know jrd

My daughter came to see us last weekend told me that when she was hosting a party at her house the other day all the guys were sitting around talking about all the stuff she hears from me everytime we talk.

She said "believe me Dad, my friends know what the hell is going on...and since the Feds started threatening to infringe on their gun rights...they have been paying much more attention." She told me everyone of her guy friends owns guns...(lots of them) and none will never give up their guns. She even told me that she has been out to hunt camps and been given gun training and shot pistols, shotguns, and "some other gun" that made her shoulder sore.

That made me so happy! She never was interested in shooting guns when she was living at home growing up but its great to hear she has surrounded herself with well armed, American men!

One of the best things about my daughter and her friends is they only seem to watch TV for sports, mostly college sports. My daughters house only has internet, no cable or satalite dish. They watch ballgames at a Frat house.

I'll never give up spreading the message of truth and liberty. I know things won't change overnight and I'll go to my grave fighting for my daughter and future generations to live free.

Thank goodness we have the internet. I've been able to re-educate myself with facts and have learned more in the past 3-4 years than in my entire life.