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There is law without government

natural law, don't kill, steal, commit fraud.
Anarchy is a political theory, which only deals with interpersonal interactions (politics). All interaction must be voluntary. You cannot use threats of violence or actual violence to force another person to behave as you wish.

Anarchy does not stand alone, it also needs the morality provided from non governmental groups such as churches, or by a belief in ethical behaviour without religion.

Ethical and moral behaviour come from commonly held principles, which are taught to children by the family and other societal organizations.

Anarchy : I cannot tell you to not ingest raw milk, or patronize prostitutes.
Morals: A principle that says you should not do certain things , which comes from within, (self government) and is taught by society (which is not government).

Once you allow some people to tax others that is not anarchy it is tyranny.

A voluntary association with free entry and exit is not and cannot be a government.

Lets stick with the definition of government a monopoly of force within a geographic area. Do not call voluntary association a government.

Do you need government to tell you how to buy a meal in a restaurant? NO! You know what to do, and you know that you cannot order a meal and not pay for it. This a voluntary mutually beneficial exchange.

These everyday interactions are by definition actions without rulers, there are rules.

If you do not follow the commonly held rules you are soon to be shunned, ostracised, or outlawed in the old English common law sense. This is the enforcement without a government.

On top of this you can contract with insurance companies, arbitrators, and collection agents, and reputation registries.

All of the above organizations are private market based and are paid for by fees from the organizations.