Comment: It is absolute foolishness of

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It is absolute foolishness of

It is absolute foolishness of bashing people who like sports. I used to think sports was retarded and pointless and that only ignorant people watched sports. And then I became a fan of basketball. Sports symbolizes a lot of things to people. And for others it's recreation and enjoyment.

You are not helping yourself by bashing people for participating in and doing things that they like. You are injecting negativity into a relationship that could otherwise be defined by positive vibes.

When you tell someone who follows sports that they are a mindless ignorant idiot, you are telling them that what they enjoy is stupid. It would be like telling someone oh you like reading? That's stupid ... you like art? That's stupid .. you like working on cars? That's stupid! ...

Think about you ... you are the one's being stupid and hurting yourselves by painting a target on yourself that you are an A**hole .. and anything else you say in the future will be regarded as nonsense.

Be smart ... and be positive. There's nothing wrong with following sports at all.

Insulting people will do nothing to promote and spread liberty.

All paper money eventually returns to its real intrinsic value, zero. - Voltaire