Comment: Yes, and I have felt bad about it and unsure what to do.

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Yes, and I have felt bad about it and unsure what to do.

the guy is probably legit and even a bright young star perhaps...
the question, just struck me as openly asking how to cheat. bad idea.
while it would be bad if I dimmed his Liberty fire... it would be worse if someone got sucker punched for answering the question.

I did post this today, it was in response in a way...

but I guess it was too long of a read or nobody liked it.. not sure. this is from the article.

Commit to Detachment

It’s very simple knowing what to do. Arm yourself with Truth and Love and detach from the Lie any and every way you can. Any compromise is going to cost more than it ever did before. As the wind picks up even the smallest bit of debris becomes increasingly hazardous. Same with attachments. The smallest thing can bring us down if we’re off guard and playing too near to the snare of the matrix.

Think about that.

but these thoughts also elicit internal struggles for me.
peace. and thanks for the compliment.