Comment: Funny definition of immorality--homosexuality comes to mind?

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Funny definition of immorality--homosexuality comes to mind?

"immorality usually comes when times are good. not when times are hard."

So your top examples of immorality are homosexuality and abortion? You'll have to forgive me but I'm a little less concerned about homosexuals in this country than, say, the rape pandemics in places like the Congo or Haiti. If you want a real example of hard times, look there. Instead you default to thinking about the united states as an example for "hard times"? You're killin me.

For an extreme example, I recall reading about south american tribes that would arrange rituals when foodstores are critically low where they'd randomly select a bunch of the tribe's children, kill them and survive on their flesh. A first-worlder can afford to have a loose definition of immortality since his survival is never threatened. Similarly, it's no surprise that what repulses your god (I.E You) the most is... homosexuality.. as that's one of the most offensive things that enter your pampered first-worlder world.

On the abortion note, I certainly hope you support social programs to help those children whose parents chose to give them away rather than kill them; after all, you seem to care so much about their health, I'd hope that would not cease once they enter this world.

Finally, the country is becoming less and less religious, and I guarantee you this trend will not see a reversal. With each generation, more people are seeing fit to discard the old religious institutions which no longer bear meaning or purpose. The overall concept of god is changing, even if yours isn't.