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This video relates to the one

This video relates to the one above. Now would be a good time to view it.

Everyone, the FED, all central banks and all the banksters must be taken care of if life is to return to normal. Concentrate on the central banks. Each day, educate, educate, educate yourself and anyone willing to listen. In your conversations about history, try to mention the Rothschilds.

Something mainstream to support mentioning that family in your conversations and that the United States isn't what people think it is in that it is bought and paid for is the recent History Channel's mini series The Men Who Built America. In it two truthful things were shown:

1) Morgan, Rockefeller and Carnegie met to buy the presidency (early 20th century)

2) In part 3 of 4 (whose part on TV was halved), Morgan Jr. (Julius) talks with Thomas Edison, yes, the inventor, and after he emerged from leaning against a wall in the shadows, he said to Edison: My father didn't take the advice of Lord Rothschild: buy when there's blood in the streets. To this comment, Edison said nothing, not even questioning who Rothschild is.

Ladies and gentlemen, the United States populace is long past due to discuss history rather than rambling on about fictions, half truths, distortions and truth bendings. To the teachers of history or school administrators reading this comment, this task falls on you the hardest because of nothing less than you knowing what you teach and/or the curriculum you design is, for the most part, illusions and fairy tales. If you're in position to do so, change the curriculum in your school to accuracy. Begin truth.

Mankind is excruciatingly far behind in knowing history regardless of the man-gods sitting on seats, driving desks and standing behind lecterns in our government schools and in private schools whose administrators got fooled very long ago. The man-gods expound dead ends and paths to confusion without knowing it. The United States is a mess and its bearings are rolling off daily.

Also of note in the mini series documentary is that among the people interviewed is U.S. Senator Jay Rockefeller who said he didn't approve of how his grandfather obtained his money. I think that statement offers two understandings.

One understanding is money will change for bad. That change would include removing physical money or growing the burgeoning idea of society conscientious companies, a relationship that ties everyone, yes, everyone, to companies, the ultimate pyramid scheme which, as all pyramid schemes do, would place those companies into indefinite existence and always at the expense of everyone except those who own and control them.

The other understanding, the second understanding, is money will change for good. That change would include the destruction of central banks, their appendages and their operators, whose chief operator is Rothschild, who at this point this book concerns and would be relevant to introduce and maybe regards Lincoln in theaters. For some reason, awareness about this book is negligible and isn't referenced in books including Thomas J. DiLorenzo's two counter culture books about the sixteenth president. Additionally, this understanding of money will restore man's ability to choose and, if desired, create his money, enabling him to transact/trade how he wants to, as he would naturally, placing him in freedom.

I have DPer and precious metal connoisseur Brian Frank to thank for my awareness about The Men Who Built America. He posted on the DP informing us that show was about to hit TV. Hey, Brian, remember what I said in that thread, don't you? ;-) I was right. Anyway, thank you, Brian. Related to Rothschild is my argument that gold and silver as money is a Rothschild concoction. That argument will prove true in due time, as well as my recognition that its price will drop drastically then rise gradually when enough people worldwide use those metals and the currencies they back in their trades.

Good night, everyone. To study how the world works is to study human action and to deduce history and think about the present.

School's fine. Just don't let it get in the way of thinking. -Me

Study nature, not books. -Walton Forest Dutton, MD, in his 1916 book whose subject is origin (therefore what all healing methods involve and count on), simple and powerful.