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Have you not been following the news?

Chuck Hagel is no warmonger. About the only thing I like about Obama is he is building a cabinet that is not Israel first, America second.

That is why the Neo-Cons are freaking out.

Purging the Neo-Cons would GAIN the Republicans votes, since none of the Neo-Cons wants to see us audit the Fed, audit the Defense Department, make defense cuts, or slash foreign aid. These would be popular moves. And remember, it was the Neo-Cons who blocked us from de-funding the Libyan war

Neo-Libs are people like Hillary Clinton and Joe Lieberman. Both are declining on the political scene. Anthony Wiener is another Neo-Lib who was recently purged. Chuck Schumer is another, but he bowed to the pressure and relented on Hagel.

The Dems are purging, and it isn't hurting them at all. Why can't the Republicans do the same?