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Ok sure, Keynes is Keynes is Keynes

It sucks no matter what version it is. I can settle on that. Nothing taken personally. I posted so I'm open to discussion.

Regarding the bait switch trap, I can see that as being the case in many instances for sure but I think it's a bit of something else. Yes, I agree that there is great material on the MIC, banking, etc., but we're in this sort of limbo space of not really knowing where to start. I think that there are still many dots to connect before some real action can be taken. We can't talk about a monetary-free society that's hardwired for consumerism. But I think there is great value in some sort of vision, utopian or not. It's a lack of imagination that really keeps us from moving forward. Feels like we're stuck in an old rerun.

"Awake" is a very broad term and I hardly hear it applied the same way consistently. I think it's a general awareness that things can and should be different. If anyone's got some imaginative ideas of how, I'm open to hearing it. Minus the ass-wiping robots. Haha! I'm just glad people are talking even if it doesn't go anywhere right away. We all need to connect on a greater level so we can figure out what to do about our common issues. Awake or not, we're all in this.

"We are not human beings having a spiritual experience; we are spiritual beings having a human experience"—Pierre Teilhard de Chardin