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No one came forward to challenge these rules until state committees started passing resolutions from the grassroots. Mark Willis is demonstrating leadership by stating upfront that the people at the local level who register Republican should direct the party instead of a handful of Establishment elitists trying to shove decisions from the top down,” Nalle said.

Willis holds a Doctor of Law degree from George Mason University and received his BA from California State University at Chico in International Relations. He has a Masters in Management Information Systems from Bowie State University. He was a U.S. Army counterintelligence agent in Haiti and Bosnia, a senior software engineer at the U.S. Army Security and Intelligence Command (INSCOM), and was an INSCOM liaison to the National Security Agency. He is currently Applications Security Manager for a Fortune 100 corporation and runs a family Icelandic sheep farm in a small town in Downeast Maine, where he is also a member of the local Board of Education.

The Republican Liberty Caucus is an IRS 527 volunteer organization dedicated to smaller government and individual liberty which works to achieve those goals within the Republican Party.