Comment: Not true. They demand one.

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Not true. They demand one.

"his comments are made to directly illicit a response"

Not true. They demand one.

I'm trying to help them in my own way, by showing them that when push comes to shove, people are going to tear Anarchists up. They can't defend their own ideas in the real world. Even here at the DP, it just doesn't really fly.

Anarchists are going to be used to paint Libertarians as fools and anti-government black flaggers wearing masks and throwing rocks through windows. They're laying a path to failure, and I don't want liberty minded people to fail.

Better here than the real world, because Anarchism just doesn't workout the way they think it does, and many of them KNOW that, and WANT what does happen.

You know how some people wish an EMP or solar flare would go off because of all the destruction it would cause? You know the type... The kind of person who looks around with hate wishing there weren't so many stupid people?

There are a lot of Anarchists who'd love it, but don't control the sun or have any spare nukes laying around, so they do what they can.