Comment: Nothing he wrote deters me

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Nothing he wrote deters me

Nothing he wrote deters me from my position that the very BEST choice is to have the parents of the children in the school be CCW trained,(those who are willing to take on the protection of their children and other people's children) and either allow them to guard the schools voluntarily or for little pay. Arming the teachers is fine also. They have the right to protect themselves in their workplace. But Teachers are there to teach. Parents are parents to protect and guide their children. For teachers it is a job. For parents it is a solemn responsibility. Parents who are dependent on the state to protect their children are not fulfilling the real world responsibilities they accept when they become parents. This would go a long way in bringing parents back into the mix of education in a time when parents are being excluded from any and all authority in their own children. Put those who have the most skin in the game at the point of the most responsibility for their own kids and the rest. I don't know about you but I would hate to face a retired US Navy Seal protecting his children. That would be suicide.