Comment: We are already bankrupt..

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We are already bankrupt..

The legal tender floating around has kept our eyes closed long enough to not realize it. Now, we are realizing the truth.

O'Reilly is a tool of MSM, people for some reason trust him. His talking points memos aren't there strictly for sharing his opinion, the memos are there to convey a message to the sheeple (my father-in-law openly admits he is addicted to Fox News, and for some reason, the only time I can get him to talk about the Fed, Drones, 4th amendment issues are when it's a discussion point being spoon fed on Fox). In it, Bill indicates the need for civil strife, and FEAR.

Also typical demagogic behavior, "your savings will blow up!". Really Bill, like, the banks will burn, explosions, shrapnel. I really can't even stand looking at him. But, indeed with eyes closed, I did listen...

Paul Revere my ass..