Comment: This is a key problem in our society.

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This is a key problem in our society.

It comes from lack of respect for life, children, and a willingness to tolerate horrible behavior.

I would like to point out a few things about this. I don't mean to hijack your thread with off thread discussion, but I believe it is an excellent intro into discussing how to resolve.

"There oughtta be law!" -

Laws do not stop people from engaging in behavior. There are many laws on the books against this, but apparently none of them have any effect. They don't have any effect, because laws do not cause behavior modification. If they did, enacting any given law would result in 0 prosecutions of the law, because the behavior would cease. That is the fallacy of the state.

"We will punish wrong doers." -

As with all enforced laws, only those without special privilege are punished. Those that exist in the protected classes, including members of the state, rich, famous, clergy are virtually immune to any kind of punishment for virtually all crimes.

"The state/government will protect your children." -

Having known numerous kids that have gone through the system, I have yet to hear of any that were not horribly abused within the "protective" system. In fact, the jobs in that sector are bait for people with these twisted minds.

A real solution:

We cannot stop all horrible activities, but we can stop state sponsorship of these activities by eliminating both state involvement, and state endorsement of these activities.

And, allow people within communities to handle situations as they arise. Many people who would otherwise stand up and act out against these atrocities, do not do so because they fear the state abuse may be worse if they turn them in, and if they act themselves to put a stop to it, fear they may be personally prosecuted for acting in delegated self-defense for the child(ren) involved.

These stories make the case for 0 government. Historically, these crimes were far fewer because disturbed individuals feared community reprisal. They do not have to worry about this fear anymore. And if they are lucky enough to become a part of the state class, will even actively be protected.

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