Comment: If his Wife is a minister,

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If his Wife is a minister,

and follows the Apostate teachings of the Scofield Reference Bible, where the blasphemous theory of Zionism originates, Rand is a Zionist, and will never get my vote! I just can't believe how ignorant people are who claim to be Christian, and can't see how many Scriptures of direct Christ quotes, completely contradicts anything about Zionism. The Holy Land of Christ is where ever his followers reside, which is the entire world, and the Holy Land of Palestine only becomes his concern when the anti-Christ returns. Read Revelations 2:9 abd 3:9, which proves the people who are occupying Palestine are deceivers of Satan, whether they know it or not. Watch this excellent documnetary by We Hold These Truths and Strait Gate Ministries, which will destroy the hoax of Christian Zionism.