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Comment: Actually - this goes in the fishy column

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Actually - this goes in the fishy column

WHY would someone get in trouble for showing a dead body? You know the governor got involved in this? Seems a little below his pay grade if you ask me.

Seems something that would have just been handled between the employee and supervisor - worthy of no more than a written warning.

Of course - that is unless there is a reason nobody should see the body and upon realization of a break in security - somebody pulling the strings felt to suppress any possible leaks. But of course - if it really was Adam - what would there be to leak?
This is problem with this whole damn thing - for everything you can game out - it seems someone has gamed both possibilities in order to make sure the water is very muddy. Hard to see through muddy water.

Oh - and dont forget this little part: "Carver did not return calls and Henry and her lawyer could not be reached for comment. She is embroiled in a lawsuit against Malloy that claims the Democratic governor had her bounced from her old job in the budget office because she is a Republican." Living in CT - that sounds about par for the course.