Comment: Why do you think Nothing has nor is

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Why do you think Nothing has nor is

being done? It's real simple, the Zionist Jewish controllers are behind the destruction of all the basis of Chritianity around the world by using their 'control all the money power'. The Babylonian Talmud, the oral writings of the Pharisees, and the secret part of Judaism, tells them they can have sex with a 'gentile' of three years old or older. They are taught by these books of the Talmud, that they can do what ever they desire to the 'gentiles', as they are 'gods chosen' and gentiles are servants to them. Here, is a list showing they are behind the homosexual and pedophilia industry.
Unless, people are courageous enough to stand up against these evil people who desire to control all mankind to bring about their messiah, the anti-Christ, we are destine to become an immoral baseless country like France.