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Excuse me for saying it like

Excuse me for saying it like this but this "burns my butt"!!! Rome falls and O'Reilly is just as responsible as the rest of the mainstream media. He did everything he could to make sure freedom-loving Americans were destroyed. Well, we weren't. And this piece of his is full of propaganda. He's saying Americans are addicted to machines and the internet. But what we really are? Diligent Americans spreading the truth as fast as possible. It's as if he's painting the internet as the reason we don't keep up with the government but the internet is giving us more power to truth. He said Americans are selfish and caught up in "individual pursuits". Well, let me tell's the grassroots effort across the country and that means individuals investigating the corruption in all directions that is helping us to win this battle. While these lying talking heads spout gunk, we know they were just as much responsible in not reporting the truth. They didn't even report that the two final candidates running for president were essentially for the same things.....big government. So while O'Reilly runs his mouth, he's just as integrity whatsoever. "And as far as playing "Paul Revere", you stabbed "We the People" in the backs and want this country to now believe you are being truthful??? Are you just now figuring out that we're in economic trouble? Somehow, I don't believe that to be the case; surely you are not that stupid. But I'd be more apt to forgive you if you are that stupid."