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From what I have seen and read

the pattern appears to be that young adults on the SSRIs are the ones that have the most pronounced behavior changes of those prescribed them.

They lose the ability to empathize; They become more like politicians. They look to hurt themselves by cutting and self-mutilation. Young women tend to become suicidal. Men seem to want to take as many people with them as possible. Those that have survived one of these mental breaks report they don't remember them. I believe the Colorado movie theater shooter was reportedly questioning why he was in custody the day after. I saw a video of a boy who took a shotgun to school and threatened to shoot people, but was talked out of it, state he did not remember what happened.

Some of the sleep aids - like the one with the green glowing butterfly TV ad - are reported to cause those taking them to raid the refrigerator, drink alcohol, drive, paint the front door, seek sex with strangers, and do other things they do not remember afterward.

Sometimes the SSRI side effects happen when the person starts the medication. Sometimes it happens when the medication is changed. Sometimes it happens when the person stops taking the medication.
I watched a video of guy who claimed to be a psychiatrist state the SSRI drugs act as a chemical lobotomy. People on them lose the ability to feel the higher emotional functions that make people social.

The young man in this case killed his sleeping step mother, then his younger half brother, then his two younger half sisters. His father was not home at the time. When his father did arrive, he ambushed and killed him too. All indications are the killer had mental problems which included murder-suicide fantasies. Will we find out about his medication history? I doubt it. The focus will be on the rifle he used.

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