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Fishy - The truth cost me both my parents and both my sisters

I haven't seen, spoken, or communicated with any of them in almost 2 years. I did a lot of crazy stuff growing up and created a lot of unnecessary drama for my family but none of them ever "washed their hands" of me for any of the things I did back then. I was stunned when they all turned on me beause I "woke up". I would have bet my life that could have never happened. But it did and oddly, I've never been happier. All 4 of them (and their families) are just hopelessly brainwashed.

One sister is a millionaire who's husband has gotten all their money from crazy MIC contracts. She called me once about a year ago but I hung up on her when I realized it was her.

Someone that knows us both told me that my sister can't figure out why I'm not sucking up to her for some of her money since she knows I'm struggling to get by. Her value of a person is almost 100% determined by the size of their bank account.

There is no question that taking the red pill is both a blessing and a curse. Sometimes I wish I never took the red pill, but there is no turning back. Things just get weirder and weirder all the time but at least they make logical sense now. Things used to be so upside down and backwards for my brain that I used to drink constantly. Nothing made sense! When I drank, I no longer cared. Since "waking up" things make sense. A lot of the things are hard to believe but at least 2+2=4 and I'm not always trying to fit square pegs into round holes. I rarely ever drink anymore. I think all the insanity was too much for my rational mind and so I drank to escape the madness.

I've got about 10 close friends. I've been succesful "waking up" 2 of them and 2 more are coming along as they see things playing out just like I've been telling them. My wife is completely awake which is probably the most helpful to me and my daughter has the red pill on her tongue but just won't swallow it. Shes close but doesn't want to leave her false comfort zone. I think she remembers the 6 months that it took my wife and I to accept that we had been lied to and deceived all our lives. My wife and I were not much fun to be around during the first 6 months after we "woke up". I keep telling my daughter she will be able to deal with it all in less than a month at her age. I'm 50. My daughter is the smartest of us all so I can't wait for her to join us in the real world! :)