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Comment: Here is the response I received...

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Here is the response I received...

...from my establishment-boot-licking National Committeeman shortly after I e-mailed urging him to vote for Willis:

Thank you for contacting me xxxx.

I plan to vote for Reince Priebus when the RNC meets this week. Arizonans overwhelmingly support Priebus and the RNC. Priebus and the RNC members like myself embody the spirit of grassroots activists across America. Mr Priebus had nothing to do with the rules changes you refer to. I chaired the RNC Standing Committee on Rules. The package of amendments we passed were filled with rank and file empowerment and the chairman was completely supportive of the changes we made. The package we submitted was passed without one vote of dissent. The convention rules committee made many changes the RNC members object and the chairman of the party had no part in any of the changes you refer to in your email. We all believe the RNC works best when it works bottom up.

Bruce Ash

Have not replied yet. Any suggestions??

"We'll know our disinformation campaign is complete when
everything the US public knows is false."
CIA Director William Casey, 1981