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I wouldn't mind some extra silver.

Looking back at content that preceded my 'birthdate' I was astonished by the quality of the posts and commentary.

It was inspirational.

My friend Phil, has Disc players, but no Internet. I've seen Internet coverage maps for Michigan. The areas with dial up only went for Santorum. Areas with Fast Internet had stronger support for Dr. Paul.

The liberty message isn't moving there. TV comes for free, but the news is tainted as has so often been demonstrated on DP.

Not all profits are monetary, some save the soul. For example, My friend Phil would be freer with trustworthy information. What are friends for?

True Silver money makes the world go round.

Paul Revere was a Silversmith. The Coinage Act of 1792 defined the Dollar as 371 4/16 grains of silver. That dollar bought twice as much by 1910. Today it by about the same as it did in 1910.

Revere took silver and converted to goods for the market. His suppliers and customers benefited. Revere and others created a prosperous community, each expected to serve their own best interest.

The Daily Paul community in general benefits, by having a place to freely voice their opinion within the constraints set for civil behavior.

As the owner of the tavern, is their away to benefit a community of contributors and collecting arbitrage?

For example if you were looking for someone to produce grammatically correct sentences on the fly, I wouldn't be the first choice.

On another hand, if someone were looking for a librarian, stillwater's thread is proof of their abilities. And so on and on...

The world goes round. If you profit from your efforts, then the DP community, in general, benefits. You for your part are motivated to protect and improve the relationships that have been established. And around it goes. Win-win helps communities prosper.

I finally figured out what you were pointing at in your picture, the DP server. LoL!

Happy Birthday to you, Michael. Six year you've invested in creating the DP community. What's the ROI?

Soulfood is wonderful but sustaining the body is important. If there is a fair way to pull it off, your 6 year effort is proof of your talent.

Free includes debt-free!