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No comments?

I see there have been 16 upvotes on this but only one comment. Is this subject one that needs to be kept on the QT? Is everyone afraid of being labeled "unpatriotic" for expressing a truth? I've seen this "hero worship" taking on the form of a religion for over 30 years now. It was not this bad when I grew up. We actually used to be "free" enough to give cops a bad time. We actually used to be able to reason with them. Now we must show them "respect" (a buzzword for worship). Not just cops of course. We must "worship" all those who "serve" (whatever that means). Hey, how about a little "worship" for all us hard working idiots who PAY for all this? Oh, I forgot... It's our PRIVILEGE to pay half of what we earn so we can have so many "heroes".

Beware the cult of "government"...