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Comment: Why We Need Semi-Autos

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Why We Need Semi-Autos

Goldstock, here are three reasons why we need semi-autos (there's probably more):

1. Protection From Crime. There was recently a home invasion in Georgia. A housewife shot all 6 rounds from her gun and hit the perp 5 times. He not only lived, he ran out of the house, drove away and finally surrendered to cops when they forced his car over. If there were multiple invaders she and her kids would not be alive. There are more & more of these kinds of stories today. In England, home invasions have dramatically increased since guns were banned.
2. Civil Defense - After every hurricane, the only that stops looters from taking peoples property is citizens with guns.
3. Economic Collapse - Most of the people that frequent this site know that the US government will go bankrupt in the near future - probably within 2 to 5 years. When that happens, the US Dollar will be either be worthless or devalued severely - perhaps 90% to 95%. Welfare, disability, Social Security and other government payments will either stop or be cut drastically.
Drive through the run-down parts of your nearby major city. What do you think the recipients will do when they aren't getting those checks? Or they get the checks and they only purchase a tenth of what they used to?
What will they do when they can't buy food, alcohol, drugs?
What will they do when they can't cool their homes in the summer and can't heat them in the winter?
Imagine the Rodney King riots in every medium to major city in the country. That is what will happen. And if you don't have weapons to protect you and your loved ones then what will you do?