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I have woken up Neocons, Obamabots, and formely apathetic football/True Blood/Dancing with the Stars/American Idol zombies......

A lot of us are intelligent people, but we were just like them at one point - someone, or some thing has to come along and send you in a different direction - give you a video, book, magazine, send you to a website, have a chat....or else you'd keep going on in MSM la la land

It's difficult considering the level of brainwashing, propaganda and conditioning we're exposed to via the boob tube...but it IS possible to de-program people...the same way they got programmed...

Constant repetition...constant repetition of the truth in our case ...wear 'em on one, face to face is MUCH MUCH better than FB or email.

The truth has a way of cutting though. All you need is to be confronted with one gaping hole in your current views, and an intelligent person will start to question everything.

Everyone has their pet issue through which they can be reached. We all know that every topic, pick one, just about any one - has a dark side.

Note: Family members are often the hardest to reach. They don't respect your opinion - they need to hear it from someone else. A preacher can't preach, and a doctor can't heal in their hometowns...