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Comment: I don't think our society is

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I don't think our society is

I don't think our society is ready to suddenly just have no government

I think we could get there eventually, but should start by making the federal government donation only

I think on a local level government is fine when it comes to stopping murders and protecting property rights. If the government focused only on protecting life liberty and property, I think it would work. Police in my area are too busy looking for High Schoolers having sex in their cars and smoking pot, that the vast majority of home robberies go unsolved. If, at a local level, we got our police to focus on property issues and stopping real crimes, then they could be efficient. I have met, even in my area, some great cops, who care about the rule of law and protecting my life and liberty. I would support this and I would support privatizing the police.

I also think that if we just followed the constitution and stopped gutting it, things would be much much better.

I also think that if we brought all of the troops home and changed nothing else (aka cut 1 trillion from the budget) then our system, even the welfare state, would work a lot better (although it is still immoral to take from one person and give it to another).

I support any ideas that call for shrinking the government and I can get behind anyone who wants to shrink it and maximize freedom. I have a lot of anarchist friends who call me statists, but I agree with them on the direction of the government and ultimately the end result of the government. I would call my self a classical liberal/ minarchist, because the lemmings in our society could not handle ending the government overnight.

I don't see why the anarchists can't get along with the minarchists. The one thing I have a problem with is when people do not vote. I understand not voting when the choices are two evils. However, when there is a liberty candidate who is spending their entire day for months and months on end (not to mention how much capital they put into their campaigns on their own), everybody even the anarchists should vote for the liberty guys. We have to vote to get the guys who will shrink the government and increase freedom. Its about getting the government to go into our direction towards more freedom and not less. I know tons of people who didn't vote for Ron Paul who supported him and thats disappointing. Not voting accomplishes nothing, we might as well try to get the good guys in.