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I am familiar with a number of historical examples...

Proving that any/all insurance models are scams at worst, and have limited effectiveness at best.

Whether the insurance model is heavily regulated as in the US, or with no regulation as in our history as well as Britain's, it still results in rampant fraud.

I am less concerned with specific failures of any specific hypothesis put forward by anarchists. If the person is truly an anarchist, they shouldn't be concerning themselves with guesswork about what might exist, etc., which is also why I do not personally use the term AnCap (or any other) anymore at all.

So, your argument is that the resulting systems, whatever they happened to be, would be worse than the current system? And that any market solution that arose would be a failure without better people involved?

So despite it's other failings, the government is generally successful in this protection task?

(Btw, it helps me to restate someone elses statement in my own words and confirm that their original intent remains to insure I understand the statement 100%).

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