Comment: I would rather someone listen to Alex Jones and TRY and dispute

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I would rather someone listen to Alex Jones and TRY and dispute

anything he says versus them listen to anyone who is quick to compromise politically.

Alex is a personality and an individual. If he went into political office then we would have to look at his voting track record. I don't see that so NO I don't see a radio host being my "leader" for anything nor any politician either for that matter.

I am done with the federal level voting. I don't see why we think electing congress, senate and presidents could ever work for supposed free and independent states.

We should have state rights and laws and leave it at that. A limited federal government will ALWAYS try and expand towards tyranny so why have one? To protect us? great job, to make sure that we are not being used as slaves? yup, yet another a+ on that as well.

I say all states have a PRESIDENT ( Governor ) and each state have its own ability to protect its own borders. If another state "attacks" you can defend yourself no matter if that state is next to you or across the pond.

All taxes would be done at the state level and then within the cities themselves. It would be easier to vote on things because all the voting would be about LOCAL ISSUES and not about other cities, towns or states.

If you don't like the way your city votes, try and change the vote OR move to a city that lives the way you want to. If all the cities within a state vote or live in a way you do not want to then move to another state and check out their cities.

It would be great to have so many different cultures and town laws and everything dealt with locally. Yes I can see fraud and possible local tyranny but it will be far more localized and easier to fight than a federal and global tyrannical force. - My site on getting my little family prepped for whatever might come our way. - My site on growing marijuana