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Comment: Man I would love to see a an A/J Show

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Man I would love to see a an A/J Show

Have an Alex Jones and Jesse Ventura show

I would love to see those two screaming at their guests

I would PAY to make sure something like that gets funded.

We can do money bombs to bribe chumps like Piers Morgan to get them to do interviews.

Have interviews with ruby ridge, waco, kennedy deaths and a million other topics presented with FACTS.

during intermission they can box or wrestle because they are both AMPED UP characters.

The social and viral options that we can have at our disposal would be killer as well. I really think that the revolution does need a media outlet and we the grassroots can fund the marketing.

If someone put something up that can actually fund a profitable media option I see it being HUGE.

Maybe the DP should look into going into a larger media option like a broadcasted show or something? - My site on getting my little family prepped for whatever might come our way. - My site on growing marijuana