Comment: I understand free markets

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I understand free markets

I understand free markets etc. however the system in which we NOW live, not one that may exist sometime in the future, is set up, at least it is supposed to, to protect us from unscrupulous merchants. We have grown to rely upon the USDA and the Food and Drug Administration to police what we are putting into our bodies. To some degree it does work. I'm not claiming that it is the most efficient or accurate system, but it is what we have now. In the future, there may well be a food equivalent of the Good Housekeeping seal of approval where honest providers of wholesome nutritious foods could pay a membership fee to said private watchdog group that would test food products for adulteration etc. or certifying food products as GMO-free etc. but that is not what we have now. Now we have Monsanto and other heartless multinational corporations bribing government agencies and individuals to get them to okay food products with questionable nutritional benefits to humans. While we are transitioning to a free-market system, I want someone to be at least making an effort to protect me from frankinfoods and requiring GMO labeling fits into that transitional mode.