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Dp Thoughts (Don't take this personal just going to let it fly)

If you are prepared to stand up for the people then one of the Sheriffs in Utah might be able to stand up to some critical questioning and reasonable presumptions of fact.

1) No federal official will be permitted to descend upon our constituents and take from them what the Bill of Rights-in particular Amendment II-has given them.

Was the gun invented before or after the constitution was written?

2) The Utah Sheriffs’ Association - Are the sheriffs themselves autographing the document or was a vote taken and the majority of sheriffs are FOR rights... at least the 2nd amendment part... btw was this written by an Attorney by any chance? Have all the sheriffs actually READ the letter they did or did not autograph?

So basically you have 49% of the Sheriffs are basically tyrannical wanna-be dictators impersonating public officers?

3) I'm sure I'm gonna get down-voted... but I'm not asking this question to be popular: WHERE in the CONSTITUTION does it GRANT government the DELEGATED POWER to regulate what the PEOPLE put into THEIR BODIES?

Answer: ___________________________________________________________



If you remain silent it's because you know that the war on drugs is unconstitutional UNLAWFUL and you just turn a blind eye to it because there are just too many people to piss off in order to get the job done and really restore constitutional government to your county. Perhaps you're not really willing to put your life on the line? I really want you to FEEL these words and take them to HEART.

I want FREEDOM -> Freedom from TYRANNY... and I want it NOW I'm tired of begging people for it. I'm tired of traveling down the road and having to be SUPER alert and prepared for PIRATES on the roads everywhere just looking to STEAL ALL OF YOUR STUFF AND YOUR CAR just because you were found with a baggie of weed.

So if you're for the rights of the people... are you prepared to GIVE UP FEDERAL FUNDING for the war on drugs in your county?

Firearms are nothing more than instruments, valuable and potentially dangerous, but instruments nonetheless.

NEWSFLASH: Drugs are nothing more than instruments... too.

In Summary:

If these seem like gotcha questions... yes they are... but the reason I'm trying to get you with them is so that you will finally FEEL and KNOW and CHERISH THE FACT that in THIS COUNTRY, we the people are the MASTERS. We are all Kings and Queens of our castles. Surely you've heard the expression? You are public SERVANTS. If you don't want the job in that capacity you don't have to CAMPAIGN for it.

We are supposed to say "would you mind taking care of this for me" and you just say "Why yes I'd be honored to Sir/Ma'am." That's what would make you rich beyond your wildest dreams. The people in your community LOVING YOU because you served them so faithfully...

Think about it. Take a stand. Take a stand for the WHOLE constitution, not just a part of it. Half measures have availed us nothing.

I'll warn you up front: Once you study the founders and their intent with respect to the constitution, you will find that constitutional government is a RADICAL departure from the present day insanity.


If just one of you stood up and said "I'll do it!" You would likely have half of the Daily Paul membership moving there within the next year and bringing their ideas on how to live in a free society.