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So glad you popped in... :)

Actually, it's not a strawman or sophistry although I see how you might see it that way since most here still think I want to argue in some way... :)

That is not my goal at all. I am not looking to argue, I am looking to establish a baseline (among a few other things I am curious about).

For instance, we all agree that the current government sucks.

Minarchists say we need some government, anarchists say none. I am curious, if we were allowed to pick and choose from what we have today, what would be kept and what would be abolished.

For instance, there must be some good within the current system if the theory is to reduce until we have those good bits. And I am looking for this from a minarchist perspective, and not with an intent to argue any points, but merely to understand.

And thank you for the compliment as well. It is appreciated.

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