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You cannot "restore" a document that was ignored

by every President, Congress, and Senate from Washington to Obama.

The Constitution was the "line of best fit" and the Founders (by their own words) were not pleased with it -- at all; some of whom were dead set against it, but went along because the spoils of war had to be tabulated.

I think what would disgust the Founders the most today, is that we still have the most ignored (yet worshipped) document ever written as our "polestar"

Hell -- they were drunk as hell when they wrote it, hahahaha.

What I said above is absolutely true, you may disagree with the implied conclusion, but you cannot re-write history to eliminate the truth of the remainder: That! The Constitution has be circumvented by every administration from Washington to Present and that no group of US Citizenry have EVER come close to rectifying that situation (as evidence by the number of times RP voted alone and by how many bills or pieces of legislation he ever got passed).

I'm IN FAVOR of gun "rights" (in the legal sense) -- I reject the notion that God gave us any rights that "prevent" wrongs from being in-acted -- If there is any "right" that God gave us it is the "right" to try not the guarantee from failure or from harm or from theft or from death; as evidence by the number of people who have died or will die, by the evidence of the numbers who have been wronged on the exact issues "god given rights" are meant to protect -- and as evidence by the number of times Gov'ts have taken away those rights, stole property, kidnapped, or murdered in complete disregard of any such "pact"

We have the right to "try" and the guarantee of death. That's about as close to absolutes as you will get.

Our "rights" in the legal sense -- come from Gov't -- God never stops atrocities directed by Gov'ts; observe all world history.

Right now I enjoy the "rights" to bare arms and I will accept (as will most all 2nd Amendmenters when the SHTF) that I can no longer purchase AR-15's -- as there is nothing I can do about it; save vote-and-lobby and that is NOT a free-market good, it is the basis of capitalism-corporatism (we begun with limited voting and now everyone can vote -- still never came close to a free-society, by Mises recollection).

All things just read and uttered are easily proven, hopefully you will "see it" and devise an alternate strategy because the War on Arms will only end in the bloodshed of those who bare them against gov't (less you can show me an alternative possibility that is not emotional base, I'd love to hear it -- if your solution is that we "vote better" than I would re-direct your attention to what voting begets (thus far and given all world history).