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So primary factors include the complicated structures of anarchists twisting themselves into knots to explain how things might work, coupled with the idea that there is no proof or guarantee that it would function at all (I inferred that so correct me if I am wrong on that last point).

So if the current system were to return to a previous time when laws were -not- enacted at a federal level (i.e. murder is not a federal crime, and so why would anything else be). And provided only national defense at a federal, while local systems (states, communities, whatever) created and enforced laws as well as provided the basic services. This would satisfy the full needs for government from your perspective?

On the first one, when you are referring to minarchism as the best available, are you talking in a general sense, or specifically the Constitution, or AoC, or something else?

Please correct anything that I misunderstood.

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