Comment: You imply that those of us

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You imply that those of us

who think companies should not have ownership rights to the biosphere, are not objective, or base our thinking in science.

Before I listen,

Part of my objection to GM crops is the sloppy process by which genes are inserted (the word 'splicing' is worse than propaganda).

Another concern is the probability of unintended expression of traits, and the creation of bizarre proteins, with the potential to create new diseases, or disrupt long developed symbiotic relationships in nature.

A third concern is that any, "Oops! We didn't anticipate that!" moment is irreversible, and becomes part of all future generations.

A fourth alarm is raised by the dishonest and under-handed character the biotech companies display by co-opting federal agencies, sending legal teams against states in opposition to sunshine-seeking legislation, driving seed sorters and family farms out of business, destroying the careers of independent researchers, establishing aggressive legal precedents (my seed pollinates with your crop, I own your crop), and swallowing seed companies all over the world to corner global markets. It's no way to do business..

A fifth consideration is the link between the profit motive of demonstrably corrupt corporations and the release of organisms with manipulated traits, insects for example, into the world, without independent science, no means of redress, and no check or balance. It's a recipe for disaster.