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I'm sure at some level this

I'm sure at some level this is your goal, but are you aware that you pretty obviously flipped the burden on this poor guy to name successes (and failures) of the current state? He doesn't need to do that to support his minarchist position because we don't live in a minarchy.

Ref said this:

"I am arguing for minarchism, not the current government in which we reside. I think every facet of our current government should be shrunk or eliminated."

You responded with this:

"My intent was to determine if you believed that one responsibility of the state was successful."

Now when Ref said that every facet of our system should be eliminated or reduced(i.e. reformed) why did you ask him to choose an entire "responsibility"(i.e. facet) of the current state and defend it? HE DOES NOT NEED TO DEFEND THE CURRENT STATE.

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