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If you don't want any

If you don't want any government, any form of state, even minimal, local, like the founders intended it to be:

please be my guest, go for it.

Try destroy, try UNDO, today's "government".

Today's "government"? What A JOKE.

You ALREADY ***DON'T*** have any government.

It's NO-WHERE CLOSE to any "government". It's the MOBS, THUGS, MANIPULATORS, MAFIAS in charge.

Yes, go for it. Go TRY DESTROY THEM, NOW, and put nothing to replace.

I won't join you. And I hope you don't mind.

You hate them? Me too. But "another nothing", "another NO government" is not WHAT I want to see in place instead.

I have stated ALREADY what I defend. Former comment.

So, that's not anarchy, in any OTHER form, either.


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