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wow. nice seeing all the

wow. nice seeing all the comments that this generated. glad that i can contribute something that seems to be useful and important. btw, theres a few software programs that you can use to change the tuning of your music files. the one i use is called song surgeon which can be used for different things but there may be others that are free. to retune your tracks to A 444 ( C 528), move the pitch up 14 cents (semitones). to move down to A 432, I believe its down 32 cents but i could be wrong. Ive retuned most of my music to A 444 and it sounds 100x better. btw theres other tones that can be experimented with such as 936hz which is supposed to open up the pineal gland. it has a nice sound also. theres a lot of info on the web and I've been experimenting over the last year or so with this. my hope is that that this will catch on and more and more musicians will start using these different tunings. sound is where its at my friends.

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