Comment: You want me to join the Republican Party?

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You want me to join the Republican Party?

OK, prove to me that it's not patently corrupt, and I'll consider it. Prove to me that the RP wasn't a mercantilist oligarchy party from its inception in 1854. Prove to me that the Republican Party's "conservative roots" ever existed, even once, even for a minute. Tell me what kind of corporation the RNC is. Tell me who owns it. Show me its charter and its articles of incorporation. Tell me what else its owners own. (Prove to me, especially, that its owners don't also own the DNC.)

Prove to me that Republican members of Congress are going to behave in accordance with the ADVERTISED values of the party. Then prove to me why SOME of those advertised values are so corrupt. Things like "keeping the world safe for democracy" would be a good place to start. Show me that the Republican Party is penitent about its flagrant and repeated violations of the Constitution. Show me the RNC campaign to repeal the Patriot Act and TARP I and Tarp II and on and on. Show me the RNC campaign to rout out all the corrupt members of the Legislative, Judicial, and Executive branches.

Show me some Republican voters running these corrupt conservative talkers out of town on a rail on account of their spinning and twisting and lying and cherry picking and straw man arguments and their deliberate ignoring of certain important topics.

Show me these things. Prove them to me. And then we can talk about joining your beloved Party. Until then, however, I view you as an enemy of the founding principles and of the Constitution.

There is no viable intention in the Republican Party of restoring the Constitution. Anyone who says there is is either stupid or lying.

And the same thing goes for the Democratic Party.