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Real Solutions

I recommend to the OP a book published this month by Acres Magazine, Restoration Agriculture, by Mark Shepard. He builds on three authors (Ch. 3, Standing on the Backs of Giants): J. Russell Smith, Tree Crops: A Permanent Agriculture; Masanobu Fukuoka, The One-Straw Revolution; and Bill Mollison, creator of Permaculture. He shows how a small farm can be a net energy producer, build soil, resist climate and weather disasters, reduce labor, exceed the yields of green revolution agriculture (or GM) without chemical inputs, reverse the depletion of aquifers (if adopted widely), and stop the outcome of all known agricultural civilizations: the depletion of resources and collapse. It's a radical and brilliant vision: move from annual to perennial production of food for all of our proteins, oils, carbs, everything. The model is based on the most productive land-based biome, prevalent everywhere, the savannah. A very good read, that will transform the way you think about farming.