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"Blogging is in-action under

"Blogging is in-action under Corporatism -- so far, it has lead to not one hair-breadth of a movement in the direction of liberty."

Are you serious? Have you had your head stuck up your own arse for the past 6 years? In late 2007, the original, "Tea Party," was born - has been co-opted since, but has led millions of people to question the 2 party system in America, AND helped spawn the Liberty Movement we see today - one that comprises about 20% of the republican vote. Ron Paul didn't have much hair, but he did create a movement in the direction of liberty.

"Guns (we've had them since Washington) -- Not one movement toward a free-society did they help to make."

If Americans didn't have the 2nd Amendment, the United States would have never been born, private property wouldn't exist, the middle class would have never been created, and you probably would not be able to blog away freely as you are right now if it were not for Americans using guns against the British.

Never be afraid to ask simple questions.